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47 Books, 1 book at a time

Book 1: Complete (finally) ! January 10, 2009

Yesterday in science class, I finally finished book number one. I know I’m kinda late, but I should be able to catch up soon!

Note- this post does contain a few spoilers, so if you haven’t read this book this is a warning. :0

When I finished The Book Thief, I just felt so exhausted and not only because I stayed up late the past few nights reading fervently. I was mostly exhausted because the ending drowned me with so many complicated (and mostly sad) thoughts. I mean, mostly everyone dies! Having the main character not die makes it even more sad to think about what she feels like for the rest of her life. My favourite parts of this book were definitely when Liesel sees Max for the last time and when she finally kisses Rudy… even though he is dead. I was reading that part in my school library and to try to retttttuuuuuyfffffgggrreessstrain myself from weeping a little. But if was SO SAD!!! I have to say that I loved the unique style of writing. At first it was confusing because the author jumps around in the story a lot, but then I was like “oh, that’s the ending, i see…” I also like how Death was the narrator, it gives the reader a different perspective and to quote the book: “Death is war’s best friend,” so it really works out to be effective in the story. This is probably one of my favourite books ever now, and I hope to read more by Marcus Zusak (who am I kidding, it’s not like I have 46 more books to read this year) !

My next book, which I started last night, is Looking for Alaska, by YouTube famous nerdfighter John Green. So far, it is not what I expected, but neither was the last book, so -thumbs up-. If you have any questions, random thoughts, or suggestions on more books (preferably the latter lol) leave them in the comments!


bookgurl 😉

The Book Thief Looking for Alaska

Book 1: The Book Thief Book 2: Looking for Alaska


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