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Book 2: uh, late January 22, 2009

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I finally finished Looking for Alaska on saturday but unfortunately I have not found the time to blog since then…

I liked the book even though a bit graphic it had great themes. When I finished, I realized that I should have known from the beginning that Alaska was going to die and the ending would not be very happy, like Romeo and Juliet, which I am currently reading for school. Because the second you step away from that line, you’re in for it, and Alaska was miles away from the line, kind of like the state it self from the rest of the U.S. The labyrinth is quite a tricky idea and very intriguing. I still can’t define it exactly but I’ve determined that the labyrinth can have different meanings for different people. For example, Alaska interprets the labyrinth to be something to escape from, while Miles would rather slowly unravel it until his natural ending. 

I think this novel will increase my understanding of Romeo and Juliet (or at least I hope because my exam is tomorrow!) and fortune’s fool. Alaska, Miles, and all their friends were fooled by fate and I think that is what triggered their sadness. The weren’t expecting the great impact of their decisions, but with Alaska, you must always expect the unexpected. 

Next book: Paper Towns. Normally I would not read both of John’s books in a row but it’s due back at the library! 

Better go hit the books, exam time is hours approaching!


p.s. no rush for book this week, exams are important, will catch up in the future.

Paper Towns!

Paper Towns!


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